Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pro Libra Associates: Japanese cataloging job

Hi all,

A colleague here asked me to announce the following temporary (project-based) job:

Pro Libra Associates, a library service company, has a project-based job available for cataloging Japanese materials. The end client is Newark Museum in Newark, NJ. The job will be in early 2014. In terms of the pay, it will be based on the number of items cataloged and the price is negotiable.

If you happen to know someone that might be interested in the job, please have the person contact Pro Libra directly. Its contact information can be found on its website:http://www.prolibra.com/

There is no need to contact me about this job since I won't be able to provide any additional information or help. Thanks!

Best regards,

Tao Yang
East Asian Librarian, Rutgers University