Tuesday, September 1, 2015

NCC Seeks Nominations for the ILL/DD Committee Co-chair and Elected Member of NCC

NCC ILL/DD Committee Co-chair and Elected Council Member: NCC’s ILL/DD Committee was created to assist Japanese studies scholars and students in successfully locating and borrowing books and documents that are not held within their own country and borrowing them through international resource sharing networks from institutions in Japan and elsewhere.  The ILL/DD Committee will coordinate the North American side of such schemes, including the Global ILL Framework.  The ILL/DD Committee will also work closely with the National Diet Library and other ILL lenders in Japan to make their services better known and accessible to foreign users, and also assist Japanese librarians in finding and borrowing materials needed by their users from institutions in the US. 

To propose a candidate for this position, please send an email by September11, 2015 to NCC Chair Kuniko Yamada McVey kmcvey@fas.harvard.edu with a cc NCC Chair-elect Setsuko Noguchi snoguchi@princeton.edu and to NCC Executive Director Victoria Bestor at vbestor@fas.harvard.edu.  Self-nominations are invited. For further information about this position and other NCC activities please visit the website http://guides.nccjapan.org/homepage.

Please note that the NCC Website is in the process of migrating from a LibGuides 1.0 to a LibGuides 2.0 platform during the summer of 2015.  During the interim period there is not expected to be an interruption in Web-based services.  If you should encounter any problems, please contact NCC Webmaster Mika Bonnell at mika@nccjapan.net